Wind Warnings in Edmonton – What Do They Mean for Your Roof?

At A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP., our Edmonton roofers are often called on to repair and replace roofs damaged by severe weather. A properly installed roof can stand up to a lot of wear and tear, but strong winds can pose a serious challenge to any roof’s safety and integrity.

The government of Canada releases many different types of severe weather alerts for Edmonton throughout the year, with strong wind warnings being chief among them. Wind gust speeds in central Alberta have been known to reach as high as 90 km/h. The province also sees an average of 15 tornados a year.

The deadliest tornado in Alberta’s history was the F4 twister that struck Edmonton on July 31, 1987 and carved a 40-km furrow on the eastern edge of the city. That day has come to be known as Black Friday, and the damage and destruction that occurred will never be forgotten. Today, the province is better prepared to provide advanced warnings for tornados with five active Doppler radar sites.

Protecting Your Roof from Wind Damage

While the only action to take if a tornado has formed or is forming in a nearby vicinity is to heed weather alerts and evacuation, there are some things you can do to protect your roof from the strong winds that are far more common in Edmonton. The key is to understand how wind can damage a roof.

As wind moves over a roof, it exerts higher levels of pressure on the roof’s corners and perimeter. Wind damage usually begins showing along a roof’s edges, at any point where the roofing material may be slightly loose. When the wind can get under a bit of roofing material, it can push it upwards and begin exposing the different roofing layers. Strong winds are also capable of damaging roofs with flying debris or by causing overhanging tree branches to snap and potentially puncture your roofing system.

The best way to protect your roof from wind damage is to get prompt and professional roof repair in Edmonton for damaged roof edges, loose flashing, and loose or missing shingles. By giving the wind less to grab on to, you can help prevent further and much more expensive damage in the future. Overhanging or nearby landscaping should also be trimmed back in order to prevent branches from scratching or puncturing your roof. Trusted roofing companies in Edmonton will be able to point out any additional areas of concern.

Need Roof Repair in Edmonton After a Wind Storm? We’ve Got You Covered

Not only is your roof an important investment in and of itself, it also has the crucial role of protecting the rest of your home and all of your belongings. If you require roof repair in Edmonton to better protect all your assets, then you can trust the Edmonton and Sherwood Park roofing contractors at A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP. We understand the toll that severe local weather can take on a roof. Get your free estimate for roofing improvements today.

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