What to Ask a Roofing Contractor

When considering a roof repair in Edmonton, a new roof or replacement, before you sign on that dotted line, be sure you know what you are really getting. The best way to get comparable bids is to determine what’s needed beforehand by drawing up a set of plans and specifications ahead of time to ensure the proposals are comparable, but also what is required for the roof.

There are some important questions to ask your roofing contractor before you accept his or her proposal.

Is the company licensed, bonded and experienced?
Ask if the roofing company has a proper roofing contractor’s license – then make the contractor prove it. Ask what the bonding capacity is and the percentage of construction cost for the bond; has the contractor been involved in litigation of any kind in the last five years; has the name of the company or ownership has changed in the last five years and, if so, why; and how many times they have put on a similar system in the last three years and on what type of buildings.

What is the contractor’s current workload?
You should know how many employees the company has and how many other projects the company will have going on simultaneously. Ask the contractor how much of the work will be done by its own workforce and how much will be subcontracted or day labor. Determine whether the foreman on the job will be a working foreman or just a supervisor.

What is the exact type of roofing system the contractor is proposing and exactly how will it be installed?
Be sure to ask the contractor about every piece of language in the proposal that isn’t specific. Ask if a moisture survey will be done to locate any existing wet materials, new roofing should never be installed over damp or wet materials. The contractor should include the following:

  • The manufacturer of the roofing membrane.
  • The insulation manufacturer.
  • The number of plies and what kind of plies are being used if an asphalt based system.
  • The type of single-ply, thickness, and whether the membrane is reinforced.
  • The type, number of layers and thickness of each kind of insulation proposed, and the total R-value.

What are the details of the warranty?
Is the warranty a manufacturer’s warranty or a contractor’s warranty? The Edmonton roofing contractor should provide at least two years on workmanship. For the manufacturer’s warranty, ask if it covers both materials and workmanship or is a materials-only warranty. Ask how long the warranty will be good for and if it is prorated over the life of the roof. Find out what the dollar limits are. Be sure to get a specimen copy of the proposed warranty.

With 60 years in the residential roofing and siding business, backed by a 5-year workmanship warranty and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, you can trust A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP. If you have any questions regarding roof repair or our services, call us today at 780.465.7571.

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