Understanding Siding Materials Available from Edmonton Roofers

In some cases, a home’s wall structure provides a decorative finish, but for most homes, extra material is required for aesthetics and weatherproofing purposes. As roofing companies in Edmonton will tell you, siding comes in a variety of materials, each with their own benefits and characteristics. Whether you are replacing your home’s existing siding or building a new house and want to add greater curb appeal, it will be useful to do your homework when picking exterior siding materials.

Six Common Types of Siding Materials

Siding adds colour, definition and curb appeal. These days, there are six popular options for siding that established Edmonton roofers can offer. This gives you more than enough options for finding the perfect façade to your home.

  1. Vinyl SidingThis low cost, versatile and low-maintenance siding is one of the most popular choices throughout Canada. It offers the most variety in terms of colour and styles, and the technology has come a long way over the past few years. While vinyl siding can be installed without a professional, it is prone to bulging and sagging; therefore, it is best to leave it to the pros.
  2. Wood Siding – Wood siding creates the bungalow or cottage-style exterior. It features a richer look than vinyl and can be extremely durable, as long as you maintain it properly. It is, however, subject to rot and insect attacks, so it must be inspected regularly and treated in a timely manner when a problem is identified. You can choose from planks, shakes, shingles and other shapes to add a visual characteristic to the exterior of your home.
  3. Brick Siding – Created using fired clay, these siding options come in a variety of sizes and textures. It is popular on more traditional homes and brick veneers can be used to not weigh down the exterior walls. Veneers are less labour-extensive than actual brick too.
  4. Fiber Cement Siding / Hardie Siding – This creates the look of stucco, wood or masonry at a much lower cost than real cement. It is also low-maintenance and termite-resistant. It comes in a variety of colours, styles, textures and finishes.
  5. Stucco Siding – Stucco is created from building sand, cement and lime. It is very rigid and requires extreme precision with applied. If installed properly, however, it can last the entire lifetime of the home.
  6. Stone or Stone-Veneer Siding – Stone and stone veneer offers durability and rustic appeal. It has a layer of visual texture, comes in a variety of colours and patterns, and veneers can even be made to mimic granite, limestone and other fine finishes. Veneers are much lighter in weight and cheaper than true stone.

Choosing the Right Siding Material for Your Home

The right type of siding material for your home often comes down to how much you want to spend, the area where you live (hence, weather conditions that may apply), and how long you want your siding to last. Also, if you are considering real stone or brick, roofing companies in Edmonton need to make sure your home can handle the weight of your new exterior. The team at A. Clark Roofing & Siding in Edmonton can help you find the right siding for your home based on your budget, aesthetic preferences and existing structure.

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