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Top 5 Fall Roofing Maintenance Tips: What You Should Know for this Autumn

You’ve packed up the summer-time gear and the leaves are starting to change color – fall is here. Even though things look a little different this year, your home still needs regular seasonal maintenance and your roof is no exception. Before the harsh Alberta winter arrives, it’s important to check that your roof is prepared for the upcoming freezing temperatures and snowfall, which can make pre-existing issues, cracks, or leaks serious problems for your home. Following regular roofing seasonal maintenance can protect your home and save you from costly repairs or replacement.

In between helping your little ones pick out Halloween costumes and raking up leaves, follow these five tips to get your roof ready for fall and ensure any damage or issues are taken care of before the ice and snow arrive.

1. Proper drainage with clean gutters 

Your gutters are an important tool in proper drainage, protecting your home from leaks and water pooling. However, they can only work if they are kept clean and free of debris. Ensure you are regularly cleaning your gutters and downspouts throughout the season, as leaves and debris can easily clog the gutter system and cause water to pool on your roof. Any excess water that is unable to drain can cause mold, cracks, and lead to ice dams when our Alberta winter arrives. Additionally, gutters that are filled with debris will be heavy and may cause damage to your siding or roof fascia. To reduce cleaning, you can install gutter guards to help reduce gutter maintenance and keep debris out of your gutters.

To properly clean your gutters, remove all debris by hand. It is important that you remove the debris by hand before rinsing, as it may cause additional water pooling and damage if the gutter is clogged.  

2. Trimming trees to reduce leaf debris 

As the trees change color and begin to drop their leaves, look at where the trees are in your yard and ensure there are no branches that might damage your roof or home if they were to fall off. Trimming trees that are close to your roof will help reduce leaf debris and avoid potential damage from branches. Take a look for branches that may cause your roof damage if there was a storm or high wind conditions, or already damaged branches, and trim them off before any problems arise.

3. Ensuring your roof is sealed for the winter.

Seals are one of the roofing components that is often likely to need touch up a few times throughout a roof’s life. And roof sealants often guard the areas that a build up of snow or ice can penetrate. It could be seals on a skylight, roof flashing corners, exposed face nails, or even seals for chimney stack collars or chimney caps. Sealants are sometimes more of a back-up or just-in-case application but are important all the same, especially if you need that just-in-case.

These are fairly simple to spot but using the right product and ensuring as clean a surface as possible is key to ensuring the touch up lasts and doesn’t cause further problems. Also, sometimes too much sealant applied in the wrong areas or the wrong way can create a whole new problem like by trapping moisture. Seals are also an important factor to consider in the springtime. Our Edmonton and Calgary roof repair professionals can often tackle this quickly for you anytime throughout the year.

4. Attic insulation & ventilation

Your attic insulation and ventilation are a critical part of your roofing system, helping regulate airflow and keeping your home efficient. Examine your attic for any moisture buildup, damages to your insulation, or water damage which can indicate a damaged vapor barrier or potential leaks.

5. Annual roof inspections

Have a roofing professional inspect your roof before the snow and ice arrive. A local roofing professional like A. Clark Roofing & Siding can go onto your roof and look for any indications of damage. The professional inspection will examine the shingles for damage, any loose material on the roofing system, any external vents or pipes, and look for any signs of leaking. From inside your home, you can check your attic and exterior walls for leaks to look for any signs of damage. It’s important to catch any issues, leaks, or cracks before winter arrives and the additional ice and freezing temperatures make things worse.

Following these fall roofing maintenance tips can protect your home and provide a strong defense against the cold Edmonton and Calgary winters. Regularly maintaining your roof and having professional inspections is an essential step in your home maintenance, giving you peace of mind for the fall and winter season. The professionals at A. Clark Roofing & Siding know how to protect your home with over 60 years’ experience protecting homes in Calgary and Edmonton and offer FREE no-contact roofing inspections.

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