Solar Energy in Edmonton

The future has arrived in Canada’s oil patch with Alberta’s commitment to solar energy beginning with municipalities, and homeowners preparing to access the program. In a May 2017 article the Edmonton Journal noted that the city’s climate numbers from Environment Canada showed there are now 38 fewer days with a minimum temperature below freezing.

In response city officials are working to model the new hazards Edmonton faces and propose ways to mitigate the damage while overseeing the efficiency and renewable-energy strategy. That strategy includes the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre who will give matching grants to upgrade boilers and replace windows, and help fund new solar installations through Edmonton’s municipal solar program, while other programs are aimed at reducing citizen’s energy needs.

This includes a new building policy that would commit Edmonton to putting at least one percent of each building project’s capital budget into on-site energy generation such as solar panels. Edmonton’s energy goals also involve the community, aiming to help residents reduce their energy needs and this fall Edmonton will launch its education and marketing efforts as part of this strategy, rolling out a series of advertisements and other messages to help people know what first steps they should consider. In June, Edmonton is launching a home-labelling program so people selling their homes can show the value of their energy upgrades to buyers.

At A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP., our Edmonton and St. Albert roofers are trained and certified to install a variety of roof systems, from shingles to flat roofs to solar panels using top quality products from industry leaders. With the provincial and municipal move to renewable energy through this province wide solar initiative now is the time to explore how solar panel installation can save home and business owners a bundle day by day, year by year.

There are many benefits of installing solar panels at your property:

  • Immediate Savings: From the moment solar panels are installed, you’ll start reducing your overall energy consumption and save big on your utility bills;
  • Increased Property Value: you can stand out from the competition by installing solar panels at your property, and begin reaping the benefits of Edmonton’s new home-labelling program; and,
  • Protect the Environment: solar energy is a green, renewable energy source that can help you decrease your overall environmental footprint.

At A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP., our team can make quick work of residential and commercial solar power installation, always aiming for your complete satisfaction backed by a 5-year workmanship warranty on a variety of roofing systems, and a written quote.

Solar Panel Installation Edmonton

If you have questions about your roof and solar panels, contact A. Clark Roofing and Siding LP. at 780-465-7571 today. Protect yourself, and your roof with A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP.’s knowledgeable and friendly roofing contractors. We are fully licensed and insured and carry full WCB coverage for all our technicians.

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