Roofing Safety: How to Stay Safe on Your Next Roofing Job

Installing a roof is dangerous work; hence, safety should be an Edmonton roofers’ top priority. All it takes is skipping one essential safety step to cause catastrophic, if not fatal, injuries.

There are numerous safety concerns while replacing or repairing roofs. Whether you are trying to tackle your own roof repair or you are an industry professional on the job, take the time to implement a few safety protocols.

Tips for Safer Roofing Repairs, Installations and Inspections

  • Never Work Solo – There should always be someone with you while working. After all, if you were to fall or get injured, you need someone there to help.
  • Keep the Jobsite Clean – A cluttered, disorganized jobsite begs for disaster. The work area should always be kept clean, tools picked up, and potential hazards noted before the job begins.
  • Fall Safety – Falls are one of the leading causes of injury and death for Edmonton roofing contractors. Minimize the risk by never working on a wet roof, wearing boots with superior traction, using safety harnesses on all roofs over 3 meters, and always setting up a ladder properly.
  • Use Protective Equipment – When using hammers or nail guns, always wear protective eye equipment. Nails and shingle chips happen frequently on the jobsite.
  • Use Maintained Equipment – Never use utility knives with dull blades and when cutting, always cut away from you.
  • Look Out for Electrical Hazards – Electrical wiring is often present while working on a rooftop. Keep away from electrical wiring and ensure metal flashing or drip edges are not touching the wires.

Hire Roofing Companies in Edmonton that Put Safety First

You can tell a lot about a roofing company based on their safety policies and procedures. A company that strictly follows safety practices and keeps a meticulous job site is more likely to ensure that their own staff and the occupants of the property they are working on are safe at all times. A. Clark Roofing & Siding is committed to safety on the jobsite—we will never compromise your safety or ours.

Our safety procedures are not just for our employees, but for our customers and their home’s occupants too. Whether we are repairing your roof top or installing a brand new one, we will always put safety first.

Call us today to schedule your appointment for roof repairs in Edmonton or for an estimate on a new roof.

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