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Metal Roofing Colour Trends 2021: Selecting The Right Colour For Your Home

Metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular on residential homes, for their long lifespan, durability, cost-effectiveness and aesthetic value. You have already had to weigh your many roofing options and you decided to install a metal roof on your home – but you’ve still got decisions to make! The colour of your metal roof will greatly impact your home’s curb appeal (and can even impact its energy efficiency), but with so many options to choose from, where do you start?

How to select a color for your metal roof?

There are a number of factors that influence how your metal roof colour will impact the look of your home, in addition to your personal preferences.

What style is your home?

Modern home

Many modern homes have flat or very low-pitched roofs with very clean lines, so your metal roof colour may not be very visible. However, selecting a darker colour may help accent the lines of your home and create a bold effect.

Craftsman home

A popular home style, the craftsman home often features wood, stone or brick siding and accents with earthy tones. Dark colours may overpower these compact homes, and lighter colours will accent natural materials. Choose a colour that accents the natural materials without matching too closely.

Tudor home

Tudor homes are easily identified by their steep, multi-gabled roofs. Brown and cream shades pair nicely with this traditional home, complimenting the brick found commonly on Tudor homes.

What other factors are important when selecting a roof colour?

No matter what style your home is, there are several other important things to keep in mind.

Siding colour

What colour is your home siding? Metal roofs last a very long time, and you don’t want to replace it if it clashes with your siding! Take extra care if you have permanent siding that won’t be replaced, like brick or stone.

Energy efficiency

Choosing a lighter coloured roof will reflect the sun’s heat more effectively than darker colours, keeping your home cooler in warm summer months. However, homeowners in Edmonton and Calgary and other winter cities may want to consider darker colours, which will attract the sun’s rays, retaining heat and saving you money on your heating bill.   

Architectural guidelines

Are there architectural guidelines or homeowner associations in your community that specify certain shades that may or may not be allowed? Double check before you begin selecting shades.

Home height

As you’ve seen, the colour you choose can greatly impact the look of your home. Darker shades can help balance a tall multi-storey home, but on a bungalow it may give the appearance of a very large roof, overshadowing the home itself. For larger roofs or single-storey homes, a lighter colour can help minimize the appearance of your metal roof.


What part of your home gets the morning sun, vs. afternoon sun? When selecting a colour, make sure you like the look of it in natural sunlight in addition to artificial light of a showroom or computer monitor.


What is near your home? Looking at the surrounding colours, like nearby trees, bodies of water, and neighboring home’s colour palettes will help you determine what will fit in with your community, and what may stand out as an eyesore.

Trending metal roof colours for 2021

Metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular, offering you many examples of what popular colours may look like on your home. If you’re not sure what might look best on your home, take a look at popular colours to determine your preference.

Recently, many homeowners with modern-style homes are choosing a black roof, giving a sharp contrast to the siding and a dramatic look.

Lighter colours are also popular on the stylish modern farmhouse-style homes, giving the home a light and airy curb appeal.

Money-saving coating options for metal roofs

Selecting high-quality paint is important to ensure you are protecting your investment, and keeping your home looking its best. A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP uses Kynar 500, the industry-leading paint for metal roofs. The coating is made from high-performance fluoropolymer resin, when installed professionally, Kynar 500 offers a 30-year warranty, protecting your metal roof finish. Made from ceramic pigments, Kynar 500 also offers superior fade protection. The ceramic pigments are made of metal oxides fused under extreme temperatures, making them more chemically stable and giving them their resistance to fading.  

Kynar 500 coating is available in several high-quality shades, so you can find the right shade for your home.

How much will the coating cost for a metal roof?

Unfortunately there is great variance in the total cost of your metal roof coating. It will depend on your roof size, difficulty of installation and your coating preference. Standard colours like white, beige, and light-coloured earth tones will have a lower cost than premium colours like rich tones, dark shades or vibrant colours (red, bright colours, etc.)

However, keep in mind that your coating can also save you money! Energy-efficient coatings that help retain heat in your home can greatly reduce energy bills for decades to come.

Quality roofing installation matters too!

Even with the best paint selected, the company that installs it will ultimately determine how long it lasts and how it will look on your metal roof. Roofing companies in Edmonton and Calgary that offer metal roofing services, such as A. Clark Roofing & Siding, ensure you get a beautiful, quality finish that lasts for years, maximizing your investment.

The experts in metal roofs in Edmonton and Calgary are here to help. Get a free quote. 

If you still have questions about selecting the right colour for your metal roof, the professionals at A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP have over 70 years of experience in Calgary and Edmonton homes and can help you find the right colour for your metal roof and budget. Contact us for a free quote today. 

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