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Making the Call: Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

Optimal decision-making is the cornerstone of minimizing immediate and future costs associated with any home renovation project. This holds particularly true for substantial tasks such as hiring a roofing contractor for a task such as re-roofing. 

With the natural wear and tear roofs endure over the years, homeowners are often faced with the question: should you repair or replace your roof?

In this article, A. Clark Roofing & Siding is here to help you observe your options. 

Hiring A Roofing Contractor To Do A Repair

The need for roof repairs can arise from various incidents, such as weather damage or isolated wear and tear. If you notice a small number of missing, broken, or curling shingles, a repair job is often sufficient. These minor issues are usually localized and don’t affect the overall function of the roof. 

An experienced roofing contractor should be able to let you know if the fix is relatively straightforward and cost-effective.

Repairing can also be the way to go if your roof is still relatively young. Most asphalt shingle roofs, for example, can last between 20 and 25 years. Repairs could make more sense than a full replacement if your roof is less than halfway through its expected lifespan. 

When To Hire A Roofing Contractor To Do A Replacement 

The most obvious answer to this question is when it leaks, but most people will want to do a roof replacement before their interior gets damaged. And in some cases, you may not see the water penetrating through the interior for years, depending on the amount of water and vapour barriers. This gap in actual water penetration and awareness of the problem can be long enough for mould and other issues to arise.

Another common situation is when roof repairs become less cost-efficient than a complete replacement. Or if the roof is just starting to look unappealing, as appearances hold weight for resale value. Some insurance companies may not give hail or storm insurance to older roofs.

Roof Replacement vs Roof Repair

It would be frustrating to patch up certain areas with new shingles only to discover that the problem is more deep-seated. Conversely, it’s unnecessary to completely dismantle your roof and spend a substantial portion of your savings when minor repairs could have sufficed. Before settling on the most suitable solution for your roofing issue, several important factors must be considered: 

  • Roof Age
  • Its Condition
  • Areas affected 
  • Insurance claims

In other cases, it will also depend on how long you decide to stay in your current home. If your goal is to increase the market value of your home for a sale, it’s crucial to consider the timeline. Certain circumstances may necessitate an immediate upgrade to your roofing.

Consult With a Professional Like A.Clark Roofing & Siding

The decision to repair or replace your roof involves several variables, and each situation is unique. Consulting a professional roofing contractor like A. Clark Roofing & Siding can provide valuable insight into the condition of your roof and the most cost-effective course of action. We can offer estimates for repair and replacement, allowing you to make an informed decision.

We provide services to Calgary (tel:1-587-856-0434) and Edmonton (tel:1-587-803-0181). 

Remember, proactive and informed decision-making is the key to maintaining a sturdy roof over your head! 

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