Learn from These Common Roofing Mistakes

Today’s challenging economics and the recent wave of home renovations shows have emblazoned many a do-it-yourself (DIY) handy-people to take on increasingly challenging projects around their home as well as unqualified and inexperienced individuals to “pick up a few side jobs” during the summer. The result is any number of common roofing mistakes that can have negative impacts on a number of areas of your home – plus the additional cost of repairs or even replacement of the subpar workmanship.

Whether you’re replacing a few shingles or fixing a persistent leak, let the contractors at A. Clark Roofing and Siding LP be your go-to experts on roof repairs in Edmonton and St. Albert. Our knowledgeable and friendly roofing contractors specialize in installations as well as age and weather related repairs, and are often called to fix those failed DIY efforts.

While roofing errors do happen, they can be avoided by learning from mistakes, understanding the trouble spots, having some common sense, and utilizing an aesthetic touch in the installation – something that comes with training and supervision early in a roofing professional’s career. We take this seriously and in fact, along with the cooperation of Alberta and Manitoba Workers Compensation Board (WCB) and Alberta and Manitoba Workplace Health and Safety, A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP. is developing and maintaining our industry leading safety program on an ongoing basis to meet the requirements of the Alberta and Manitoba Workplace Health and Safety Legislation.

Here’s our list of the most common mistakes made during roof installation and how they can be avoided:

  • Low Sloped Installations: When asphalt shingles are installed below 4/12 slopes the water will not run off of the m as quickly, which will lead to more rapid deterioration. Problems that can arise include: wind damages, wind driven rain penetration, and ice creep. The right solution is to install a low slope roofing material.
  • Underlayments: a leak barrier is necessary since it provides extra protection in vulnerable areas or places with perforations due to nails or fasteners. It is very important to abide by all building code requirements and all manufacturers’ suggestions.
  • Installations: The absence or incorrect installation of the starter can bring about many aesthetic problems in the eaves and rakes, allowing for water infiltration in each shingle close to the eave. Equally problematic is using the wrong shingles for the hip and ridge cap. It’s very important to understand and use the correct shingle in the right area.
  • Nailing Problems: exposed, underdriven, overdriven, and high nails can cause catastrophic problems and is one of the most common mistakes made with roofing installations. Shingles have a nailing strip that is designated for nail placement. To put it simply, any unnecessary holes in your roof is a bad idea.

Other common problems include incorrect installation or reuse of a damaged metal drip edge; re-using or omitting flashings; misused vent types; and vents in the wrong places round out our list.

Edmonton and St. Albert Roofing Contractors

Protect yourself, and your roof with A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP.’s knowledgeable and friendly roofing contractors. If you have questions about your roof, the right products needed, or a free quote on replacing or repairing an old roof, contact A. Clark Roofing and Siding LP at 780-465-7571 today.

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