Check Your Siding: Considerations

There’s no better way to differentiate and distinguish your home than with new siding. At A Clark Roofing and Siding LP we install high quality, low-maintenance exterior siding to improve the value and the curb appeal of your Edmonton home. In this two part Blog we’ll begin by exploring what needs to be considered when selecting the best exterior for your home and in Part 2, we’ll explore some material choices.

Siding, or the exterior covering of your home does many things – it adds an aesthetic appeal to your home; describes your taste; and most importantly insulated siding increases your home’s thermal efficiency, and siding is as friendly to your finances as it is to the environment.

Additional benefits of siding include:
•    It’s durable, which lowers maintenance costs and annual upkeep,
•    It lasts nearly 10 times longer than wood siding,
•    It’s available in many styles and colours, and
•    It’s affordable.

New siding will rejuvenate an older home, give it a completely new look, and significantly reduce cost for home upkeep and maintenance. Reasons for replacing your homes exterior cladding or siding is the appearance of fungus, obvious separation of seams, caulking failure, swelling, delaminating, boards that no longer lay flat against your house, paint failure, and moisture on the inside of your house, all could be signs of siding failure signaling the need for maintenance or replacement.

However, with a bit of preventative maintenance, your home’s siding could be trouble-free for years. All types of siding benefit from an annual cleaning to remove grit, grime, and mildew. Cleaning an average-sized house may take you and a friend every bit of a weekend.
Another consideration is the selling of your home as most Realtors will tell you that it is necessary to replace your defective siding – a major deterrent – if you wish to sell your home in a timely manner, and for a good price. Some real estate appraisers say good curb appeal can add 5-10 percent to the value of your house.

Material choice is determined by your home style, neighborhood’s building codes, desired effect, and your budget determine the best solution for you to get the ultimate curb appeal you deserve. Do your research taking into consideration the style of your home and local climate. We’ll explore the best materials in our next installment.

Be sure to read the Part 2 of Siding

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