Benefits of New Eavestroughs

Water and moisture in general are the enemy of each and every home and while your roof is your home’s first defense against harsh weather. It is your eavestrough system that actually takes that water and safely moves it away from your home – that is if they’d been installed properly, are not clogged, and are working properly. For example, if you have an old, clogged or ill-functioning eavestrough system, it could eventually cause structural damage, mold, and decay, so it is crucial that your eavestrough system is functioning properly to lengthen the lifespan of your house and roof.

At A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP., we’ve been improving the value and the curb appeal of homes in Edmonton and St. Albert for over 60 years, as we believe that there is no better way to differentiate and distinguish your home than with new quality installation of an eavestrough system.

An eavestrough system is composed of eavestroughs, gutter guards, soffit and fascia. A soffit is the equivalent to the underside of your eaves, and a fascia is situated vertically behind the eavestrough and horizontally under the rafters of your roof. High-quality, properly installed soffit and fascia provides the essential ventilation needed for your eaves and rafters.

An eavestrough is located at the base of your roof and is necessary for collecting precipitation and draining it away from your house by way of the downspout. A downspout is simply a hollow tube that runs from your gutter to the ground. It’s designed to carry water that collects in the gutter safely down the side of the house and away from the foundation. Downspouts are normally made from the same material as the gutter, giving the entire system a uniform look. While they can be placed at any low point along the gutter system, downspouts are normally placed near the corners of the home.

Eavestrough systems prevent your yard from flooding, and helps protect your roof from water damage. Gutter guards, or leaf guards, are the final element that helps prevent leaves and other debris from clogging your eavestroughs. A properly installed eavestrough system will ensure your roof has proper drainage and ventilation, and prevent moisture buildup in your attic and under your roof, which over time can cause damage to your shingles and underlayment.

Signs of gutter problems include water leaking at the corners of your gutters, streaking, peeling paint, or water staining of the fascia that the gutters are fastened to, water spilling down a wall during a rainstorm, signs of corrosion or rusting on the gutter, and gutters sagging, twisting or falling away from the fascia board they are fastened to, as well as moisture problems in a basement or crawlspace. These can all be and should be corrected before your home is damaged.

Edmonton Siding & Eavestroughing

Protect yourself, and your roof with A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP.’s continuous five and six inch eavestrough systems that will also compliment your home. If you have questions about your eavestrough system, or any of our products and services, contact A. Clark Roofing and Siding LP at 780-465-7571 today. Our knowledgeable and friendly roofing contractors are fully licensed, insured, and carry full WCB coverage for all our technicians.

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