Benefits of Installing Solar Panels on your Edmonton Home

In September 2016 the Alberta Government set a target of 30 percent of electricity generated by renewables by 2030, suggesting clean energy projects will inject $10.5 billion into the economy and 7,200 jobs in next 15 years. For individual Albertans, one of the quickest, most cost-effective opportunities to participate in this socio-economic development are solar panels.

At A Clark Roofing and Siding LP we’ve been your roofing and siding experts for six decades and have seen firsthand how Edmonton solar panel installation can save home and business owners a lots of money day by day, year by year. Our team can make quick work of residential and commercial solar power installation, always aiming for your complete satisfaction in everything we do.

There are plenty of reasons why solar panels make sense:

  • Instant savings – from the moment solar panels are installed, you’ll start reducing your overall energy consumption and save big on your utility bills.
  • Increased property values – stand out from the competition by installing solar panels at your property and then enjoying a higher asking price when it comes to sell.
  • Protect the environment – solar energy presents a wealth of ecological benefits as well.

According to Solar Alberta, an ideal site for solar panels:

  • Faces true south or close to true south.
  • Has 100 percent solar access year round. No shading from trees or buildings to the south.
  • Allows a solar array to tilt up to an angle equal to your latitude.
  • Meets several other conditions which may or may not be crucial, such as proximity to a grid connection point, access for installation and maintenance, proximity to sources of dust and soot, roof loading concerns, wiring distances, conformance with local regulations and others.
  • A solar contractor will evaluate all of these issues during an on-site solar assessment. Many sites are not 100 percent ideal and yet a solar system can still be a worthwhile investment.

Solar Alberta also suggest that if you’replanning to replace your roof in the next few years, it may make sense to move that up and install the PV system at the same time as the new roof is going on. Since solar modules can last over 40 years it is in your best interest to not have to remove the solar modules and rack to replace roofing.”

Solar Panels in Edmonton

The opportunity now exists and this is but a tiny fraction of the benefits and value that solar panels can bring to your home, and your finances, making it easy to see why solar panels are becoming an increasingly popular solution for home and business owners across Edmonton. To learn more about how solar panels can improve your Edmonton home or business, contact A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP at 780-465-7571 today to save money, reduce your ecological impact and set the standard in your neighbourhood.

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