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6 Tips for Saving Money On Your Heating Bill This Winter From Roofers

This blog was originally published on January 31, 2018, but was updated in November of 2020.

Being a homeowner in Alberta’s cities and towns often involve a struggle to keep your heating costs down during the wintertime to fight off the double-digit negative temperatures. The average heating and electric bill for a three-bedroom home can easily run up to $400/month in colder months, doubling your utility expenses from the rest of the year. Thankfully, there are some steps you can take to lowering your heating bills when it’s cold outside (which for us Albertans feels like most of the year!). 

One of the important services performed by the local roofers at A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP. in Edmonton and Calgary involves making homes more energy-efficient and less costly to heat, saving you money on your heating bill and keeping your family warm through the winter. Here are some tips from our professional roofing contractors:

1. Turn down the thermostat

You don’t have to force yourself to live in an uncomfortably cold home, but turning down the thermostat even one or two degrees lower than you usually have it can help you save some money on your energy bill. Consider turning it down even lower at night time when everyone is sleeping, and try to remember to lower the temperature when leaving the house as well. Smart thermostats can be a great investment to help pre-program these temperature adjustments so they aren’t forgotten, and you can set your heat to turn on 30 minutes before you wake up or return home from work, so you’re coming home to a nice warm home while still enjoying the savings from having the furnace off at night or during work hours. Not sure about the upfront cost of the smart thermostat? Typically, the utility savings in just one year will pay for the programmable thermostat!

2. Regularly change your furnace filter 

An inefficient furnace is going to have to work harder to heat your home to the desired temperature, and any issues could mean you’re losing efficiency and heat. Once a year have your furnace inspected, which can identify any issues and ensure you’re not losing any heat. It is also recommended that you change your furnace filter at the beginning of the winter season to ensure optimal performance, and each month of the winter months. The cost for a new air filter is minimal ($15-$30), and means your furnace unit will work more efficiently. 

3. Let in the sunlight

During the day, open up the blinds on any south-facing windows in your home to take advantage of free heating from the sun. Your furnace won’t have to work quite as hard during daylight hours, and your houseplants will thank you! However, remember to close your blinds at night to trap the heat inside your home. 

4. Weatherproof your doors & windows

Though windows can let in plenty of warm sunlight, they can also let in a lot of cold air if they are too drafty. One of the easiest solutions for drafty windows is a weatherproofing plastic film that you should be able to find at just about any home hardware store. Often sold in ‘winterization’ kits, the film is quick and simple to install, and acts like an extra window pane once it’s up. 

Another culprit for heat loss may be drafty windows and doors – be sure to regularly examine your weather stripping, and replace any that is leaking or loose. 

5. Upgrade your attic insulation

Homes lose a good deal of heating energy through the attic. If you have a hard time maintaining the temperature in your home, then poor attic insulation could be the culprit. Have you noticed ice dams or moisture from your roof? This may be a sign that your attic isn’t insulated properly, and this can significantly impact your heating bill and the structural integrity of your roof! Consider having your attic looked at by a professional roofer, who can provide a quote to help save you money by upgrading or entirely redoing your insulation. 

6. Keep your roof well maintained

Even if your attic is properly insulated, a damaged roof that is in need of repairs or replacement is still going to contribute to a great deal of air exchange between your home and the outside. If your roof is still in relatively good condition but just in need of some fixing up, then you’ll benefit greatly from professional roof repair. However, if your roof is pushing three decades and starting to develop major problems such as leaks, then your best option is likely a roof replacement. Investing in roof repairs or into a brand new roof will pay off with lower heating and cooling bills in the long term.

Edmonton and Calgary roofers for your roofing repair or replacement needs. Get a free quote! 

With 60 years of experience and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP. is one of the most trusted roofing companies in Edmonton and Calgary. If you’re in need of roof repair or roof replacement, or want more tips on insulating your home to save money this winter, don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free no-contact quote.

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